International Economics & Trade

Duration 4 years
Starting Date March
Tuition Fee / Year ¥18,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

1. Program Instruction

The main research in the international economic and trade theory and policy, international business、International Business and global marketing、international trade risk analysis and evade. To develop international operation strategy for the top management of enterprise,also to provide theoretical basis and analysis method for the relevant government departments.


The school has a professional teachers team,may teaching by Chinese,English or both.Using a variety of modern teaching methods such as multi-media、CAI、Internet and so on,improve the students' learning efficiency.


The major training system to master the international trade theory, international trade practice and professional skills, can skillfully to use modern management tools for International Trade Company, multinational companies, international logistics system and financial system and government departments engaged in business, management, research and other works, with a sense of innovation and practical ability of advanced international applied talents.

4. Main courses

internationaltrade theory and practice
the customs commodity
international settlements
international business negotiation
international maketing
customs practice
inspection practice
trade documentary practice
import and export practive
international economics
English business correspondence
electronic commerce

5.Career Provison

Career development is suitable for business, management, research, etc. in government departments, International Trade Company, multinational corporations, international logistics system and financial system.

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